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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Strange Online Beauty Contest – Have a Sugar Daddy? You Might Win!

Miss Insta Asia 2012 Online Beauty Contest Welcomes All Women!

Women from around the world are invited to submit 5 photos,a bio,and answer some questions about Forex trading to enter this beauty contest. Although designed for women.residing in one of the forty--eight Asian countries , if you feel part of Asia even though you were born outside the dwelled on territory and have no Asian roots, you can enter too.

The voting is where the really odd part lies. If I am reading this correctly,the voting in this contest is weighted according to the amount of money in the voters’ Forex Trading accounts.Therefore if you,or your sugar daddy put enough into your trading account,you could buy yourself first prize of $40,000 dollars Basically the spoils go to the highest bidder.

Want to check out this contest or yourself? Go to miss-instaforex-asia.com Where beasty is measured by the size of your bank account!

What do you think of this contest? Drop us a comment below. Let us know if you enter,as we would be thrilled to help you get votes. Want to shat about a different contest? Pop up and chat with us on Freebies 4 Canada Facebook page or Tweet us on Twitter! YrHelper Infonut

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