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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oops this Clean Well Contest needs Tweaking!

CleanWell Customer Appreciation Giveaway!

With this CleanWell customer appreciation giveaway, you must purchase CleanWell products from a Bed, Bath and Beyond store, and upload your receipt to enter the contest. This contest has some problems that could use some tweaking. Here are my suggestions:

Black Star Contest-See Recommendation to improve Next Contest

There is no end date given on this contest-just that the first 10 entries win. Contests that give a prize to the first so many entries, rather than choosing by random draw,are not usually good for the business,nor the customers. Whenever you have a contest that says 'the first so many will win x',you are limiting the responses. With this contest people need to purchase the products,and upload the recept-that's ok,but if the winners were chosen using random.org.then you would have more entrants. Unless you are trying to have as few people as possible know about the contest,you want to either put an end date,or give another parameter,such as 'when we have x number of Facebook fans subscribers.page views,etc. Limiters such as these can help you be sure you have sufficient entries for your contest,and people will spread the word about your contest as well Here are the rest of the details from the Cleanwell Bed Bath and Beyond Customer Appreciation Event
This contest started 9:00 AM ET 10/25/2011,

Want to Try Your luck? Here’s what you need to Do:

  1. Start by making sure your local Bed Bath and Beyond carries CleanWell
  2. Then visit your local Bed Bath and Beyond. CleanWell To-Go will be in either the Household or Cleaning department. Don’t see it? Ask the customer service desk where to find it.
  3. Purchase at least one CleanWell item
  4. Upload a scan or photo of your receipt,
If yours is one of the first 10 complete entries, you will receive a Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card for a value of $20.
Ready? Here’s the store locator for CleanWell Products
Good luck!

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