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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Extreme Pita Rebel Yell Contest Judging Leaves a BAD TASTE (CA)

Extreme Pita Wants Your Limerick or Video!


Contest Ends June 16, 2011, at 11:59:59 p.m. ET
Contest Open to: Adult residents of Canada (excluding Quebec)
Contest Rating: Bronze Star Why not Gold? See Contest Problem Alert Below.
Contest Type: Odd, Weekly, Facebook
HOW TO ENTER: Like Extreme Pita’s Facebook Page
www.facebook/extremepitahq and click on the “Like” icon. To enter the contest, Click the “wall” tab, then type in your original Limerick and/or upload your Video (the “Rebel Yell”)

Contest Tips: Unlimited Entries! Judging  on the basis of its uniqueness, and explanation of the ‘Rebel Yell’ (the “Criteria”). All Criteria will be weighed equally.Entry should include the chief Chick-Chick-Boom or all 3!
Contest Prizes Grand Prize: 15-inch MacBook Pro valued at approximately $2,000 in Canadian dollars
Weekly prizes: $100 gift card that can be used to purchase food and beverages at any participating Extreme Pita restaurant in Canada (the “Prize”).
Contest Rules: Read  the Extreme Pita Rebel Yell Contest Rules 
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Good luck in the contest!
YrHelper Infonut

  Note submitted to Extreme Pita
To Whom This May Concern:
I am contacting you in consideration for your brand’s reputation. Extreme Pita is quickly gaining a reputation for innovative, healthy food. However, limiting contest entries to Facebook, and the judging of your current Extreme Pita Rebel Yell Contest may be harming your reputation.

Although your contest rules state:
your Limerick and/or Video must meet the following specific requirements:..
will not contain, depict, include, discuss or involve, without limitation, any of the following:… Personal information of individuals, including without limitation, names and addresses
The winning entry by Tiff Cheung violates both the above conditions as it is not a Limerick, and contains:
This is Tiff and Chris from Richmond Hill
Whereas, there are a number of entries which do meet the judging criteria, The awarding of a prize to an entry which is in clear violation of your rules will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who did follow the rules.
In addition, I have found there is a staunch group of consumers who shun Facebook for a variety of reasons,therefore by limiting your entry method, you are also limiting your scope.
For future contests might I suggest these slight rule modifications:
  1. Make allowances for another method of entry-either mail in, email,or through your site.
  2. Rather than making it a judged contest (which is a sure-fire way to alienate customers), have a draw from submissions
  3. Rather than state a specific form of poem for your contest, simply give the number of words or lines each contestant should write,and whether is should rhyme.
While the winning entry above still would not qualify due to the inclusion of personal information, it would ameliorate some difficulties with your contest
Please contact me if you would like further assistance troubleshooting any future contests prior to sending them live. As an avid “contester”, and experienced contest evaluator, I know what makes or breaks a successful contest, also affects consumer opinion. Your Extreme Pita Rebel Yell Contest is broken, and needs to be fixed

Sincerely, (aka YrHelper Infonut)


YrHelper Infonut said...

While I wouldn't waste my time entering a contest where the judges don't follow the rules, I do highly recommend their food.Deals 4 Canada: 1/2 Price Pita Day June 18th-Extreme Pita (CA,USA)

YrHelper Infonut said...

Reply on Facebook from Extreme Pita :
Thanks for your feedback. The winning entries are at our sole discretion and do not violate the privacy act or the rules of the contest.

I posted a response to this wishing them all the best in their future contest and hoping the suggestions would help them in future contests, but it was deleted.

The other contest winner,Alex, submitted his entry by email-somehow I missed seeing this entry method was included as an alternate method. However,the fact remains that Extreme Pita is not following their judgement rules for the contest. While effort that went into the entry by Tiff Cheung is laudable,it in direct violation of two rules.

For those f you who may be wondering, I have no connection with any entrants,the company ,nor its competition. I am simply reviewing the contest.

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