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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Win More with RoboForm : Top Tip from the Contest Queen

RoboForm is used daily by tens of thousands of sweepstake entrants to automatically fill and submit sweepstake forms. This award winning program has been downloaded over 18 million times, reviewed by hundreds of organizations, and  recognized as one of the most useful, user- friendly, secure programs around.

RoboForm: Learn more...

Carolyn Wilman "The Contest Queen" says, "RoboForm is imagethe core component of the Internet Sweepstaking System I teach and as a sweepstake enthusiast, it would be impossible for me to enter and win as many sweepstakes as I do without RoboForm." 


  • Many sweepstakes rules state "Automated Entry" is illegal. What is not allowed are programs that  fill an entry forms and click the Submit button for you, so you won't see their site or learn about their products. With RoboForm, you still need  to check results of form filling and click the Submit button.
  • RoboForm is a client-side agent that saves you keystrokes by filling forms for you.
  • Web sites that offer sweepstakes want you to learn about their products and to see their advertising. When I use RoboForm to fill forms on these sites, I actually pay more attention to their information rather than my information.
  • RoboForm is completely legal, because it does not deprive web site owners of their page views, and therefore their revenue.

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