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Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Win More Sweepstakes

Increase your chances of winning Sweepstakes with these tips


1. Save time & Skip the Small Print. Follow sites with  reliable sources that list all the important restrictions.  Click Here to Subscribe to Contests 4 Canada by Email' target=_blank>Subscribe to  Contests 4 Canada.

2. Divide & Conquer. Get friends & family involved. Ask them to enter you in contests whenever they enter themselves & return the favour. My parents won loads of things for our family this way.

(Set up a profiles for all your friends & family members on Roboform so you can enter their info with a single click.) Pick up self-inking stamps with names & addresses on them to tuck it in your bag when you go to tradeshows & fairs. VistaPrint offers them free from time to time.

3. Breeze through your Daily Sweepstakes with RoboForm RoboForm memorizes the URL (web address) of the form that you filled.  Save your favourite repeat entry sweepstakes forms into Passcards & use the GoFill toolbar command or the GoTo in the Passcard Editor to: (i) navigate to the website (ii) fill in the form (iii) press the submit button ...all in one click!

4. Enter Contests with longer forms. Many survey companies offer sweepstakes entries to their participants. Use RoboForm to quickly fill surveys -you can customize an unlimited number of fields to match even the most unique survey question. Click, check the fields & submit.

5. Enter contests that are limited to a certain clientele.( i.e. residents of a province or receipt holders from certain stores) The fewer the entrants, the greater your odds!

Final Super Secret Tip:

Some entry forms will have prefilled  or mislabelled sections. Activate the "Fill pre-filled sections" option in Roboform or Drag & drop your info into the form Then save the completed form as a passcard to re-enter quickly the next day.

Read Why Using RoboForm does not Violate Sweepstakes Rules.

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