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Friday, June 5, 2009

HUGGIES® Enjoy the Ride Contest Site (ExpDec. 31/10)

ELIGIBILITY:  age of majority legal residents Canada & US

REGISTER: enjoytheriderewards.com or enjoytheriderewards.ca

Then collect and earn Points 

  1. WHAT IS A CODE AND WHERE TO FIND CODES: A code is a unique alpha code  Each Code has a point value associated with it ("Points"), and may be distributed on: Sponsor advertisements and communications made throughout the Program.
  2. ENTER A CODE INTO YOUR ACCOUNT:  Each time you enter a Code, your Account will be credited with the appropriate number of Points corresponding to that Code.

Keep your original Codes for your records.


Participate in activities on the Website ie:: view videos, answer polls, click on links etc.

 Refer A Friend: submit the names and email addresses  of friends, Each friend who joins = five (5) Points. Limit of 25 Points (five (5) friend referrals) via this method per Member per month and a maximum of 375 Points (75 referrals) per Member for the Program duration.  Canadian residents, can request an email to be sent to yourself, which you can then forward onto your friends.

How to Use the Points

Enter sweepstakes and games on the Website throughout the Program.

Read the Terms And Conditions

It looks like even guys can enter the contest . I can't see anything in the rules stating you must me pregnant. Looks like it's open to Quebec too!

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