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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brain Buster Contest Has Started!

Update: Nov 02, 2011 Sorry this contest is over. Please see our current contests where you can Win Electronics

Brain Buster Contest Has Started!

Published on 2009-06-06 10:02:43 AM by MYP
Hey everyone,
Our Brain Buster contest has started!
Contest Details
It'll run for 24 hours, from 10 AM EST on Saturday, June 6, 2009 to 10 AM EST on Sunday, June 7, 2009. You will be shown 10 different puzzles (courtesy of Dell Magazines), one at a time and asked to solve it. The questions are NOT multiple choice. You only get one chance to answer each question so be careful when choosing your answer! We've limited the number of "skips" each member has to 2 per contest day, so use them wisely!

There will be 10 questions and each correct answer will be worth 100 credits for a total of 1000 credits. There will be a time limit of 60 minutes to answer all questions. Each member to get all of the questions right will receive an additional 500 bonus credits. You can play at any time within the 24 hours that the contest is running within and take as long as you like (as long as it's not more than 60 minutes!) to play the contest. This means that anyone who gets all 10 questions right will receive 1500 credits (bonus included) regardless of how many other people get them all right and how fast you finish.
Use your credits in their monthly auctions. Every month, an item is auctioned off like Games, Movies, Digital Cameras, iPods, GPS Navigators, DVD/Bluray Players, XBOXs, PS3s, Widescreen TVs, etc., and there is always a guaranteed winner of these giveaways. Every member is allowed to participate in the auction and the member that bids the most credits gets the item. MakeYourPrediction.com - The site that rewards you with money and prizes for accurately predicting the future. If your prediction is correct, there's cash to collect!

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