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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Era Contest Needs Overhaul! (CA,USA)

Era Contest-Want to Waste Your Time-Here’s the Contest For You!

I was about to give this Facebook contest a Silver star-lots of prizes, daily entries, but not open to Quebec, and rather complicated contest rules. then I took it for a spin,and it turned into a black star. Do you agree with my rating? Leave your 2 cents worth in a comment below. Watch out- I was in a real grump when I wrote this! Here’s my rant.

Era: Like your product, but where is the unlike button for your contest? What an irrelevant, time wasting, aggravating contest! It does nothing to enhance consumer knowledge of your brand, and could actually be detrimental to your marketing. Not sure who the bonehead was that dreamt up this one in your marketing department-someone who obviously has time to waste playing games, and doesn't need to do any laundry.

Tips for Era

  1. Don't make it difficult for people to enter your contests,and you will get more entries
  2. Make your contest about the product, not about the campaign.
  3. .When the person does not win an instant win prize, have an encouraging message, or some way for them to leave the game.
  4. Take your contest for a trial run yourself-ask:
  • What does this tell people about our brand? –Your Contest -Zilch
  • How does this encourage people to buy our product? Your Contest -Zilch
  • How long does it take a person to complete their entry? Your Contest –Waaaay too long!
The best contests inform consumers,are quick and easy to enter,and add value to the consumer's day
If you want to waste time trying to click kick stained laundry into a washing machine with a cartoon version of Chuck Norris’ boot, here are the details:
Open to USA and Canada till June 30, 2012 at 11:59 p.m Win one of 30 washer /dryer combos or instant win prizes
Enter at www.facebook.com/eradetergent?sk=app_101070419983471

Which types of Contests are your favourite? Do you agree or disagree with my rating? Want to chat about a different contest? Pop up to Freebies 4 Canada Facebook Wall or Tweet us on Twitter!
YrHelper Infonut

1 comment:

YrHelper Infonut said...

There are a number of comments from people on their Facebook wall from people who were able to get free product coupons-perhaps this contest just isn't for crabby old ladies.LOL

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