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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unique Nursing Mum Giveaway! (USA,CA,QC)

Gveaway Open to: Canada /USA

  • Giveaway Ends:?
  • Contest Type-Blog-low entries
  • Contest Tip-Blog giveaways ,and Local contests usually have much greater odds for winning.
Years ago, when I nursed both my children,this handy item would have been really useful. I've entered this contest hoping to win this nifty item for our local pregnancy help centre. You might like to do the same:Here is this unique item:

"Pump-a-Pair™ is a new, fast, easy and affordable hands-free pumping accessory! Pump-a-Pair™ is a simple strap that works with your top-hook nursing bras by attaching to the hook on the strap of your nursing bra and hooking to the flap of your nursing bra. The breast pump’s shield then slides into place under your nursing bra flap and is supported by your nursing bra. You can also adjust the length of the Pump-a-Pair™ to create the correct support for the shields."
See more about this Giveaway at www.expectingmom.ca/pump-a-pair-giveawa
Good luck in the contest!
 If you enter,please drop me a comment I’d love one of our readers to win! Remember to Pop up to our Freebies 4 Canada Facebook page and say ‘Hi!’
YrHelper Infonut

1 comment:

YrHelper Infonut said...

Well, now isn't that a kicker? Out of curiously I revisited this giveaway to see who won. The end date of the contest was added- November 6th 9pm PST My entries had been removed and no winner announced. Wonder what that's all about? I'll be removing my link to THAT blog.
Has something like this ever happened to you?

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