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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Win a $400 Spa and Toy Gift Pack from Fisher Price (CA,QC)

Contest Ends October 31, 2011    
Contest Open to: Adult  permanent lawful residents of Canada
HOW TO ENTER:Join at Fisher Price Play Note: Milestone stories are not required for entry.
Contest Type: Single Entry (Membership)
Contest Tips: This Fisher Price contest has problems See the note below.

PRIZES: Draw at the end of each month  Prize packs are each valued at $400.00 and consist of $200.00 in Fisher-Price® toys (toys will be selected at the discretion of the Sponsor and will be age appropriate for the child/children of the winner) and a $200 spa gift card from SpaFinder 
  Note submitted to Fisher Price:
This is not a milestone story, this is to tell you there’s a problem with your contest, Although it is open to all Canadians, your form will not allow Canadians without children to enter, nor children born in years prior to 2006.
In addition, your form does not filter out potential entrants from other countries, so you may get a a lot of unqualified entrants.
Please contact me if you would like assistance setting up future contests, I have been blogging contests for many years, and am very conversant with what makes a successful contest, and what breaks it. This one is broken and needs to be fixed,
In order to enter the contest, I gave my teen infonut’s age as having been born in 2006. (I’m hoping to win the toy pack for our local women’s shelter)

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