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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dell Latitude Challenge Contest- Lots of Prizes One Problem (CA)

Tons of Prizes! Tons of Entries! Thanks to a member of my 'Inner Circle, Winner's Circle' for sending me this contest Invitation!

Update Nov 2.2011 Sorry this contest is over. Please see our current contests where you can Win Electronics.
Contest Ends June 30th, 2011 12:00 a.m., midnight [ET]
Contest Open to: Adult residents of Canada (excluding Quebec)
See note below
HOW TO ENTER:Register www.DellLatitudeChallenge.ca and use all the Tips below.

Contest Type: Odd
Contest Prizes Tons of prizes in addition to the Grand Prize: $10,000 travel voucher to Europe.Other prizes include:Dell Latitude E Laptops with Windows 7 Professional and docking station; a golf foursome or Spa package;Dell Inspiron Duo - Dell Venue Pro or Microsoft Xbox Kinect.
Contest Tips:
BONUS ENTRY OPPORTUNITIES! (Up to 117 entries per household available)
  1. Trivia Question Bonus Entries-Get 5 bonus entries by for each correct answering Trivia Questions (up to 50)
  2. Refer-a-friend: Referral Entries: Get up to 5 bonus entries for each person you refer who enters (up to 50 bonus entries) Want to be on my Contest referral friend list? Message me on Facebook that you are following my blog through networked blogs!
  3. Opt-in Entries: You may obtain a maximum of ten (10) additional Opt-In Entries per household by signing up to recieve emails from the 2 promotion Sponsors. (5 entries per opt-in)
  4. Survey Entries: You may obtain a maximum of twenty-five (25) additional Survey Entries into the Contest by completing a short questionnaire on notebook purchases
  5.  Watch Entries: Get 10 entries per household for each video you watch on their site. (maximum of thirty (30))
Contest Rules: Read the Dell Latitude Challenge" Contest Rules
Be sure to catch all the contests, Sign up for your free  Contests 4 Canada Email Subscription Here! Good luck in the contest! YrHelper Infonut
CONTEST PROBLEM ALERT NOTE:   Note submitted to Dell Canada: To Whom This May Concern: I am contacting you regarding an email I recently received regarding a problem with your  Dell Latitude Challenge" Contest” I have been reviewing contests for over 4 years. Unfortunately, the emails you are forwarding to people as part of the referral process, may result in negative publicity for your brand and the people who are referring their friends.
The problem lies in the unclear message on the entry button. Usually the text on an entry button reads “Enter Here”. Your button, however, reads “ Take the Challenge”. This message is unfortunately coupled with an ad for a“Windows7 Limited offer!” . This positioning makes it appear appear as if pushing the entry button will start the ordering process for Windows 7. Keeping the message clear on your contest entry button, would simplify things,and result in helping you achieve your goal of reaching more people through your contest.
If you find this piece of advice helpful, I would appreciate a donation towards my computer and internet fund. Please contact me if you would like further assistance troubleshooting any future contests prior to sending them live. As an avid “contester”, and experienced contest evaluator,I know that which makes or breaks a successful contest,also affects consumer opinion. Your Dell Latitude Challenge" Contest is broken, and needs to be fixed, Sincerely, (aka YrHelper Infonut)
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