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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Win More Cash & Prizes with Swagbucks

Top Ten Tips to Maximize Your Swagbucks Winnings

Click HERE to find out what Swagbucks are.


  1. Download the Toolbar  Watch for Codes from TSG & enter them on your account page.image
  2. Invite Your Friends Use the onsite link to send out emails to your friends.image Every time they win -You do too! (Anyone over the age of 13 can sign up for their own account and win! )
  3. Share your info. Use your affiliate link & banners Search & Winon your site, in your email signature, and forum signature.
  4. Get your kids in on the act. Teach them to use Swagbucks for searching answers for homework questions. (For added incentive, offer to reward them with a prize from the SB site.)
  5. Set a timer to remind yourself to check the site to see if you're an hourly 100 SB winner.
  6. Take Part in Twitter Tuesday The Phrase That Pays weekly contests. You don't have to Twitter constantly to have an account. It's free to sign up for Twitter & well worth all the other free contests you'll find. image
  7. Make sure you search at high rewards times- Fridays are Mega SB Days, when you can win up to 100 SB in one search.
  8. Go Green Recycle your used MP3's, Cell phones,Video games and consoles. Even if it doesn't work!
  9. Take part in the onsite draws for SB. If you don't enter, you can't win!
  10. Read your SB Newsletter, the blog,  imageimageFacebook and more to keep  updated on fun rewarding contests.

Follow these tips and soon you'll be saying "I got it free with Swagbucks!"

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