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Sunday, May 3, 2009

All Canada Contests - Tips & Tricks for Entering Online Contests

All Canada Contests - Tips & Tricks for Entering Online Contests: "
Enter The Hard Ones
Some events require an imput from you to enter. You may have to complete a survey, answer questions, send a photo, or perform some other activity. Once again, fewer people will enter these types of events giving you much better odds. A few of the “hard ones” will also allow you to mail in your ballots without performing any of their online tasks.
Follow The Rules
While most contest sites make an effort to provide the most critical information, there are sometimes details in the fine print. For example, they might allow additional sweepstakes entries if you refer some friends. Or they may automatically disqualify entrants using automated entry tools. Be careful not to exceed an event’s entry limit. If an event is restricted to one entry per day, and you enter it twice in the same day, you could be disqualified from the entire event. In fact, entering more often than an event allows is the main reason people get disqualified from winning. Know the details before you enter. To make sure you are not disqualified, wait at least 24 hours between daily ballots. Some event sponsors and their judging agencies are very strict. They will disqualify you for any failure to follow their rules."
Note: Beware of sales pitches masquerading as contests. I haven't met anyone yet who received a prize from a complete silver & gold offers , because the last part is to refer people who successfully do the same.This makes a neverending chain. Be assured that I will never post these aggravating time wasters on my site.

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